Infant of Prague
Docility to Jesus the Saviour

- Apostolate -

Apostolic action is of the very nature of our Congregation. Our whole life is to be imbued with an apostolic spirit and the whole of our apostolic action is to be animated by the Congregational Spirit.

The apostolate of the Sisters of Jesus the Savior consist primarily in the witness of their consecrated life, which they foster through prayer and penance. In this way, the Sisters manifest to the people the selfless charity of Jesus the Saviour who suffered and went to all possible lengths to save us at no cost on our side.

Their apostolate consists in the following:
- To care for the sick and suffering in a holistic manner, especially the handicapped, the abjectly poor and the abandoned.
- To highlight devotion to Jesus the Saviour in the Blessed Sacrament (Perpetual Adoration).
- To be sanctified through the practice of vows and observance of the Rules and Regulations of the Congregation.
- To undertake the revitalization of education at all levels.